Welcome to the McGregor Amplification Website

You’ll find all the information you’re looking for here about our magnificent amplifiers, outstanding speakers and a range of compact consoles to satisfy the needs of all entertainment artists.

McGregor Amplification started production of P.A. Disco and Lighting equipment for retail and installation way back in 1974. This means that McGregor Amplification now has over forty years of design experience packed into their products. There are few companies that can match this frequently overlooked specification. We have watched companies and products come and go but the basic requirement for compact, reliable, good sounding equipment at a sensible price will always remain. Our design criteria has always been to produce products that are acoustically superior to the top brands but at an affordable price.

A sound system at any level is a serious investment and there will always be a temptation to purchase budget equipment. Impressive advertising superlatives and specifications that are clearly not possible are becoming a feature of a lot of products. Fortunately there are still discerning customers who will research their requirements and the few remaining manufacturers that are not offering re-badged products collected on overseas shopping trips. The uninitiated buyer can face many pitfalls selecting the correct equipment and it is hoped that the information on this web site may be of assistance in selecting equipment up to the task.

Meanwhile as one of the few remaining British manufacturers we will continue to manufacture small quantity specialist products for our OEM customers and further develop our speaker and amplification products inline with customer’s requirements. McGregor customers have always benefited from products that not only sound good but also instil the user with a confident, feel good factor. This sensation is generated from the knowledge that the product does what it claims and benefits from a non-budget parts list. Whilst we can no longer guarantee to be the cheapest we will still endeavour to provide the best value for money and provide a support and backup service, second to none.